Company Objective


MDS has been established for 47 years. With the dedicated efforts of every colleague, we fully utilize the accumulated experience and wisdom from the past, facing all challenges and continuously accomplishing seemingly impossible tasks. We accumulate strong sustainability, creating one remarkable achievement after another. Hope everyone will continue to surpass ourselves, enabling us to achieve even greater success together!

Business Philosophy

  • Quality﹘Strengthen and implement employees' awareness of quality.
  • Delivery﹘Provide fast and accurate delivery for customers.
  • Cost﹘Control costs and strengthen risk management.
  • Security﹘Strengthen information security management and personal information protection.

FinTech Solution

MDS has been committed to promoting the evolution of financial technology and accelerating the digital transformation of banks. It not only introduces a diversity of new technologies and new models, but also integrates various financial systems and automation services to stay competitive in the financial market.

System Integration

System Integration Solution

With the experience of software/hardware integration planning, design and construction of large-scale national projects as well as more than 40 years of experience in maintenance, MDS always insists on using the best products and the most professional team to create domestic key projects. Adhering to the entrepreneurship of hard work, continuous improvement, and leading innovation, MDS has accomplished impossible missions again and again.

Mobile and Digital Marketing

Mobile and Digital Marketing Solution

With the coming era of mobility and digitization, the use of mobile business opportunities, smart cities and operational information will not only create a better life for the people, but also promote the urban development.

All-in-One Enterprise SaaS Solutions

All-in-One Enterprise SaaS Solutions Solution

MDS possesses extensive experience in information integration solution and fieldworker management to build the could-based fieldworker platform. With the advantage of cloud platform, we provide fast and low cost service to assist business transformation.

Honor and Sharing